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Introducing Google Apps for Education- The Shelton Public School System began using Google Apps for Education for students in February 2014.

What's included in Google Apps?

  • Google Calendar lets you create and share school or class calendars and events.

  • Google Docs lets you create and share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, and forms. You can also upload any file to Google Docs and share it with others.

  • Google Sites makes it easy to collect, share, and publish all types of content in a single website through easy embeds of Google Docs, Calendars, videos and other media without HTML.

  • Also included are Google Groups for mailing lists, discussion groups, and broad sharing, Google Video for domain-limited video distribution, as well as other tools that can be added on to the domain.

  • Connected Classrooms allow students to attend virtual field trips around the globe. 

What are the benefits of Google Apps and what's included?

  • Anytime, anywhere access - Google Apps works in any browser on any computer, which means you can access your email, calendars, and documents from school or at home.

  • No flash drives required with documents and files stored in Google Docs.

  • Students can easily collaborate with students from other classes, buildings, schools, districts or even different countries, working together on group projects.

  • Teachers can be involved throughout the whole assignment process providing comments and feedback directly in the documents.

  • Students can develop an e-portfolio of work throughout their years at the school. 

What does this mean for you and your children?

  • Access is determined by grade level:

    • Grades K-4 will have Calendar and Drive (e.g. word processing, drawing, presentation, forms, and spreadsheet programs)

    • Grades 5-12 will have Email, Calendar, and Drive (e.g. word processing, drawing, presentation, forms, and spreadsheet programs)

    • **Please Note that email for Grades 6-12 will be a closed campus.  Students will only be able to email other students and staff members of Shelton Public Schools.  They will not be able to email anyone outside of the district using this district provided email.

  • Google provides a great collaboration tool for students and staff. Documents can easily be shared with other students and the teacher. Students go to to access their accounts, and log in with their username and password.

  • Documents created in Google Docs are saved every 3 seconds. Even if something is deleted, all information can be easily retrieved from the server. Students need to be aware that what they write and share is not private. Teachers have access to all of their students’ work.

Student Information System Portal Access


Dear Students, Parents and Guardians

At this time we are unable to provide usernames and passwords to students, parents, or guardians by email. We apologize for the inconvenience but we take very seriously the confidentiality of our student data and we are not able to validate inbound requests for access to this information. We hope you understand that our inability to provide this information stems directly from our desire to keep information provided in the portal viewable to only the appropriate audience.


The  Tech Center Staff

Reporting a Problem




Phone:  (203)924-6530

Fax: (203)924-6620


Call, email, or fax the following information:

  1. the asset tag number of the computer

  2. its location

  3. the specific problem in as much detail as possible

  4. any error messages that appeared

  5. steps already taken to try to resolve the problem

Reminder to all that routine technical problems are addressed in order, however, one must realize that critical issues will take precedence.