Nurse Clinic Protocols

Under the direction of Dr. Domenic Casablanca (Medical Director), the School Nurse may give the following medication without parent/guardian contact according to manufacturer’s guidelines: 

**For additional information regarding administration of the following products, please contact your School Nurse

Isopropyl Alcohol

May be used topically as an antiseptic for skin care

Eye Irrigating Solution

May be used to flush eyes and for self cleaning of contacts.  relieving the irritation to eyes caused by local irritants and allergens. 

Alcohol free Mouth Rinse

May be used to rinse mouth

Iodized Salt

May be used for gargle for throat discomfort

Antiseptic wash

pain-relieving liquid that alleviates pain and discomfort from minor cuts, scrapes, and burns, kills germs and helps prevent infection. 

Petroleum Jelly

May be used for chapped lips

Dental Wax

May be used with orthodontic appliances to protect against mouth sores

Emollient, fragrance free such as Lubriderm, Eucerin, Cetaphil lotion or generic equivalent

May be used for dry irritated skin

Hand Sanitizer

May be used to clean hands when soap and water are not available

Diphenhydramine (“Benadryl”) 

May be used for allergic/anaphylactic reactions

*While Benadryl may be used for moderate local reactions without immediate parent notification, the parent/guardian will be notified following administration either by a note or phone call. 

Calamine lotion (Caladryl)

May be used topically for itching from insect bites or rash

Hydrocortisone (1% cream/ointment) 

May be used topically for itching from insect bites or rash

Antibiotic ointment (Bacitracin)

May be used topically for minor abrasions and lacerations


May be used for localized mouth or toothache pain/discomfort. This is a temporary relief from common discomfort caused by a toothache.  Only treated once an episode.

Sting “relief” 

May be used for insect bite as an antiseptic/pain reliever


May be used with the students own medication

Chloraseptic Throat Spray

May be used to provide temporary relief from sore throat due to postnasal drip and minor irritation of the throat due to colds or irritants. Will be used after salt water gargle and only once per episode.  

Epinephrine (Epi-Pen)

May be used in an emergency for severe allergic reaction which may occur from insect bite, drug allergy or food allergy 

Narcan (Intranasal administration)

May be used in an emergency for the reversal of opioid overdose induced by natural or synthetic opioids exhibited by respiratory depression or unresponsiveness.