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Shelton's Math Program


The K-12 mathematics program that we offer is now aligned with National Connecticut Common Core State Standards (CCSS).  These standards are grade level specific and allow teachers, students and parents a better understanding of what a child is expected to know and be able to do by the end of the school year.  Students will be measures against these standards by the CMT and CAPT beginning in grade 3.


The mathematics curriculum ensures that students will develop


  • An age appropriate understanding of Number, Operations, Algebra, Geometry, Measurement, Data and Analysis, and Probability:

  • An understanding of basic skills and core concepts:

  • The ability to utilize higher order thinking skills, communicate mathematically, and solve problems in a real world context:

  • An aptitude towards using technology effectively. 


The elementary schools use the research-based curriculum program developed by the University of Chicago's School of Mathematics know as Everyday Math.


The Everyday Math curriculum has been replaced with the new 2012 version of the program.  The update was necessary to support the alignment of curriculum to the Common Core State Standards.  All grade level curricula have been revised to include the Common Core grade level standards and also include, curriculum pacing calendars and a list of read aloud titles to integrate into mini-lessons.  All grade level units include "Big Ideas" and "Essential Questions" to allow students to make the connections with the content and the world around them.


This program is closely aligned with Connecticut's standards and allows students to share daily work among classmates, create products from activities, and use games and manipulatives to demonstrate their math skills.  This curriculum will be used by classroom teachers as support to provide a depth of understanding to all students based on grade level standards throughout the school year.


This year, Shelton Intermediate School will implement a new Pre-algebra program supported by textbook and resource material from the Holt-McDougal publishing company.  This program allows students to gain a stronger knowledge of foundational algebra skills that will prepare them when transitioning into the high school curricula.  In addition, the text includes online interactive learning resources that coincide with each lesson to enrich student learning.


The high school mathematics program continues to offer a variety of courses to meet the needs, interests, and abilities for every learner.  In addition to the current program of mathematical studies, the high school will be offering Programming 1 which is a prerequisite course to Advance Placement Computer Science.


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